Biggest wealth..

Few decades’ backs, if you have lot of lands. You are wealthier.
After that, if have lot of gold, you are wealthier. Few decades before,
if you have lot of money. You are wealthier.

Now in the present
world, information is wealth. If you have lot of information about
someone. You are wealthier.
You have heard about Facebook is selling your data to the
multinational company. Everyone knows that FB is one of the
richest company in the world. So use your phone and technology in
good way. Otherwise, it leads to varies problems.

If your phone is taken from you. Then, they can clone similar
person like you. It provides all the information about you. How you
hold the phone. What you search often. What you are looking for.
Your saved password; all those are stored in the server. If that is
hacked, then your information can be easily used in a wrong way. It
will even take your life. we are happy now, no one finds that
technology. Soon things can change.

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Are you really ready for MARRIAGE..

Life is the biggest stage. We are playing our own role in the stage. In our life, everyone is trying to find their presence in the stage. The value of your life increase and your birth attains a meaning. You can feel this, only if someone started to love you. If you find person. The life begins changing in different ways.

The person you found is a right one. Then, your life starts to grow faster. The happiness you get is different from all the others. It gives a new change and new path. It gives more responsibilities and make you feel proud of each other. The time, you spend with them becames precious and heaven.

These are the things, happens only in the first stage. Then , the next stage is with stress, pain and fight. This will happen in all lives of human kind. This is the important stage, most of the breakup takes place here. Each other try to show care for you. It fails. If you say to find a job. Then, the fight begins. Tge important cause of the fight is misunderstanding. We started to thing more about life and failed to think about each other.

This helps us to find. Whether the love is true or not. If you can withstand this stage. Then you will find the sunshine in your life.

After this stage, you will marry them within few years. Before the marriage, the changes takes place between each other and knows each other in many ways. Espically, you know about the faults in them. The sacrifice between each other increases. Life BEGINS….

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Important lesson about YOU…

A step must be taken to know about yourself for better 
understanding and finding peace. If you know about yourself, you can develop your 
skills, and know about your weakness, strengths etc.,

In order to know about yourself, closely watch your moves. 
Summarize what you did from morning till night. Write it down. 
Find the useful things and bad things about yourself. You must 
distinguish between the good and bad things.

Stop wasting your time. Learn new courses for your improvement. Know the value of 
our time, use it effectively. 
If you know about yourself, you will not be depressed easily 
because you know what makes you depressed and what makes you happy. You avoid the situation and moments which causes you 

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How to start from zero and led your life towards sucessful path..

Never blame yourself, if you are not capable of doing something right now. It doesn’t mean, you are not capable of doing it till u die. Get advice from the experts or mentors.

Then start working towards it. You must have faith in you, you will reach it in one or other way. You should know about yourself completely. What you can, what you can’t everything. So you can find your super power and focus on it.

If you have a good drawing skills, work on it. Until you get a successful result. Read the stories of those successful people in that field. How they have got it….

Depend on yourself, never depend on your friends, family or
anyone. You can get the results, when you start watching yourself and start focusing on your goals. Success can be achieved only by consistency of hardwork, 3 hours of work towards your goal.

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Important rule for sucess:How to handle people ..

Last week…I went to an bank. The accountant person was so tensed and he was stressed. I went to him, asked for his help. He told me to ask someone with high voice. I understanded his suitation and walk away. Next day, I went to the same bank, i was searching for the pen. The same accountant have it me, he didn’t even remember me. He don’t even know, I was the same person. It is the best lesson, i was learned.

People in traffic, shouting at us. The people in the queue, anger at you. They are always around you. They hurt you because of the suitation. They react faster. It is the main problem.

So next time. If someone shouts at you at the public place. Give them mercy, you day is saved. He will learn the meaning of peace…

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Last day in LIFE…

Everyday is a new learning and new journey. No one knows about fate and when is the last day of our lifes. So, when you wake up from the bed. Thank the nature or God for your another day. Think about the each day as the last day of your life. Treat each and everyone with knid words, love your parents and enjoy with friends. Make this day a wonderful and best day of your life.

Life always gives you unexpected thing. If you take it as a grow, your happiness will be with you. If you don’t, you will lose it…

Think and act !!!!

Life begins, only when you step out and control your thoughts…


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