Why kindest hurt most

I was not 1st in anything in my life. I had very much average life. I have been average in studies, games, life. Even i had average in every thing, but I never felt true love and long lasting. I never felt the true love because of being nice guy. When even the expensive thing is cheap, we use it cheap. I have been so nice to the rude classmates, calmness waiter, ill mannered conductors, and baddest treating relatives. Is this a sin of all the good people.

Still i have question for me, why am i being so nice. It is character of me, i can’t hurt some one because i am angry on some other person or situation or problem in my life.

I never judge a person, when i see someone. Now i judge the new people coming in my life. I take time to show kindness. Everyone doesn’t require kindness, it is most expensive feature of human. It must be showed to the one who deserve the most. Try to know the person, then show the kindness.

Happiness is part or tag for life

In between life and dead, the path we travel is short. In those, the people comes and goes like sun raise and sunset.

When one is sad, he will be sad in happy moment. Whatever the sad feeling, we stick with that. We don’t even think, is that sadness worth feeling for so long. It is really important to over think and miss the happy moment which is going on.

But when one happy news comes and knock the door. why you are not happy in sad moment. If you think, this is a valid question. You are in the right track.

Whenever you are sad, think positive is not possible. But someone can help, by pleasing words. Now a days, we never share the feelings with others and no true people are there for us. Here comes the true solutions.

How to be revert back to happiness in sad moments or small disappointment. Take a moment and think practical. When you think practical by asking questions, is this worth worrying? Am I giving so much for stupid thoughts. Is I feel insecure because of my thinking.

Hope this helps you get happiness and stay with it for long.

Woman and her butterfly – Alchemists

Small story!!!
A woman and her child playing
A butterfly came into their life
The woman lost her present with beauty of the butterfly
The child was enjoying the moment alone
When she saw her mother looking at something
She saw the colourful delight of butterfly
She asked her mother to get those magnificent butterfly
Mother was sad, she don’t want to hurt the butterflies
But her child was crying
She went behind those bluffing butterfly and closed her hands
She showed it to her child
Then mother opened her hands completely
When child said it colours are faded
When mother saw those butterfly colours of the butterfly was not so good like before
Then she saw the hands, few colours are in her fingerprint
The butterfly lefts it impression, remaining life is too short for good people and they will leave this sinful world to reach heaven

Benefits of practicing good gratitude

Continuation of the previous blog. Gratitude is good?

Gratitude is definitely a good one to practice. But when we are doing good, we must never attach to the material happiness. Like when you help someone and feel the gratitude of helping them. In return when they don’t help in near future. Don’t blame neither them or you.

You must be gratitude of being yourself, rather than expecting something in return. Never ever expect something. Thankfulness is created by yourself for yourself, not for the others.

Gratitude helps us to disconnect from the negative thinking. But when someone don’t feel the same. That will make you to lose your gratitude.

Nature is a greatest source of credit, to feel the gratefulness. It gives abundant of resource from oxygen to all things we need. Appreciate the presence of the nature and its sources.

Always start a good work by planting a tree or doing something for nature. It will protect your resources unlimited.

What gratitude will make you get in your life. Stay tuned for getting more about gratitude. It is important part of happiness. It is part of satisfaction in life.

Is Gratitude really good?

In my whole life, I have dedicated to learn about the true happiness. Gratitude gave me happiness for temporary only. It is also the main cause of the pain. Most of the gratitude is felt by the good people. So it makes the good people to loss their happiness and make them to follow evil path.

There is a saying, always do good things. Few do good for the fame and pride. It is doesn’t add good karma to you. Other people do good for the feel of gratitude. Gratitude has the biggest sin, it makes you expect their thanks and love in return. If they don’t get love back, they started to create negative image of person. In return, it changes your attitude of goodness. This is the massive loss of the person.

So you need to stop doing good? You will find in the next blog. Stay connected, all my life I have searched for the true happiness. Today true happiness is with me. Sharing with people all over the world, who need love, happiness and need help in depression. I am helping hundred, thank for the reading.

Fear of losing someone

What we fear basically is that what we hate and what we don’t know. Do you think this is true.

We get fear for something, some times for nothing. You get feared someone you love will leave. If she or he leaves you can’t control it but fear like you are the one losing them.

The truth is they don’t deserve you. They are not in your life. They won’t make any changes.

So when you try hard to hold them hard. They tend to move farther. So better leave them, when you are in good state. If you postpone your leaving, they find a good way to move away. But you will be in pain forever. Think twice before watering a dead plant.

You can understand the words deepness when you feel the pain of it.

In your life, there is no one to stay in your life. You have to make yourself alone and do your passion. Find spiritual path, find yourself and make progress.

When these are done, 100% success is possible. There are so many solution which are temporary in life. Go out and enjoy with friends blah blah. Everything give a time to postponed your sorrow. Make your life a meaningful follow the spiritual path of success.

How to attain satisfaction.

There are millions of blog posts and thousands of people give advice to us. All are temporary solution to the life.

The best way and only way to start your spiritual life. This is not by research, I have searching for the real happiness.

After all the experience in my life, I have found the core source of happiness.

That is possible by reading the Bhagavad-Gita. If you are not believing in God.

Learn to detach and love your loved ones. It is like giving compassion towards them and never expect anything in return.

Do your duties without the expectation of results. This helps in bagging happiness in your heart.

Don’t take unnecessary attachment and commitment towards work.

Attach with lord and nature. Believe something is beyond us. We are individual souls.

This is just the beginning. Follow for more.

Why we forget the past life and birth?Who knows past life of ours.

Every part of the universe is made of energy. There are only types of energy. It is positive and negative energy. There are also neutral which depends on one of the universal energy forms positive and negative. You can illustrate every part of life, character, food and all possessions in terms of energy.😻

🌻All these energy are from one Supreme personality godhead. So when knowing the source of the energy and focusing on the lord will help you to attain the energy you need. It may be the energy of positivity and or form of attractions.

Answer to my heading: From the material world like eating food is transfer of energy to body. Which gives energy to live.🍁

πŸ‚In nature, sun light evaporates the ocean to air. This is the water cycle. In all these, no one can say that the air or breeze or gas i saw is from this ocean or water body from a particular place. It also applies for the food we eat.

Similarly when one living entity dies. The past memories of the life are forgotten. When it transfers to another body or rebirth takes. The knowledge, memory and experience dies with body. Sometimes there is no sign to be even know by the naked eyes. But a scientist who boils the water knows the truth that this water is converted into vapour. That scientist is the eternal supreme soul godhead.✨

πŸ’’So we are also energy forces, we leave a body and born in another body. So the memories of the past life is not known. But Supreme personality godfather knows what you did in the past, how you born and how you lived. As the lord himself, made us to forget the past life to give a chance to reach heaven, escape from the material world. Here the karma is created for what you have did in past life time.

πŸ’When you are done with all the karma, you will reach heaven for sure. In order to stop taking birth, we have to focus on the lord consciousness. When you started the spark in this birth by focusing on spiritual life. According to karma when you born again, your spiritual worship will follow your birth. This is blessing of lord, so in that birth. You will be more spiritual than this birth and reach godhead, heavenly place. And never return to the Earth.

And our past births are known by the Supreme godhead because he is cause of the birth, dead and maya of the world.πŸŽ‡

How to attain satisfaction..

We are in material world, so we act like a material body. Most of them forget, we are souls.

If we run behind the Material life, you can’t be satisfied. You have to work towards the satisfaction of the life.

How to attain satisfaction? Man must poses a goal in life. He must work dedicatedly towards the goal. He should perform his duties and be responsible for his relations in this world without attachment.

Material mind can’t be satisfied. If your ultimate goal is get a new car. After getting it, you started working to get a home or bike. Keep going.

So make your mind to realize that you are soul. Get away from the material desires. Find what is your goal. Every goal which has a meaning is sparked by the light of god.

Do your duty and enjoy the process of attaining it rather than attaining completely and enjoying.