What is real HAPPINESS$$

Real happiness always lies in the small things. It is easily achieved, when you are child. When you gorw the real happiness is gone.

Do you know WHY?

When you start to grow; you tend to loss happiness because of many reasons. You develop fear, which takes your happiness. When you are born. You actually have only two fears. Fear of heights and sounds. When you die, you have hundreds of fear. When you overcome this, you can get happiness.

Happiness can be achieved when you concentrate in your heart beat. Keep your beat as slow as possible.

Most importantly, if you find peace in the state of mind. Then, happiness can be achieved. Live your life in the present. Everyone is running behind money and things. Not behind happiness. Think about it…

Last but not the least, real happiness is always lies behind yourself. Doing what you love. Following your passion…. Brings lot of joy, good health and happiness

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