Where to find HAPPINESS?

Now a days, it is very diffcult to find Happiness. To be frank, days are dragging us and we are not making our days. Everyone must read this, to feel the real joy.

Important rules for happiness:

1)Happiness can be found inside yourself. You cannot find it somewhere else.

2)It is found in small things and not in big things. Play with kids, sharing your things, giving your time and so on.

3)when you connect with the phone. You will tend to lose happiness. When you connect with nature. You will find happiness. Nature will never break your heart.

4) spending time with your family, loved ones and friends.

After all these things, your view towards your life. Nothing but your attitude. Think about it. Share with your loved ones. To make sure that your loved ones are HAPPY.😍

8 thoughts on “Where to find HAPPINESS?

      1. Actually no one gave me this much response … I have started this blog. Few days a ago, you gave me inspiration to do this. Thank you again. My instsgram krish_hari

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      2. You are very welcome! 😊 Keep up the good work! Blogging is a beautiful journey, you’ll meet bloggers who you feel really connected with. I’m also new to blogging, completed by β€œfirst month” few days back and I’m really loving it now.

        Have a wonderful blogging journey 😊🌹

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