If you follow this, HAPPINESS will follow you

Never blame these things in your life:

Never blame your parents, they have done something more.
Each and every day they are
trying to provide a better life for your well-being. Even if they canโ€™t
afford it, they have been tried at least once for getting it for you.
They have given you education, clothes, your wishes and this
beautiful life. Never waste it, it was given by your parents. If you are not living happily, itโ€™s like insulting them.Never blame your government, it has given health care,education, protection, and basic facilities like roads, highways,hospitals etc., always think in an opposite way, never ask what did government has done you. Instead, ask what you have done for the government or what you have done in your life for making your nation feel proud of you.Never blame society, people around you find faults and hurt
you directly or indirectly. Until you get it. After reached your goal
and you become successful in life. They say you have got by lucky
or someone helped you or your parents are rich or your parents
kept trust in you.

Never blame yourself, if you are not capable of doing something right now. It doesnโ€™t mean, you are not capable of doing it till u die. Get advice from the experts or mentors. Then start working towards it. You must have faith in you, you will reach it in
one or other way!!!