How to over come FEAR🙅!!!

Few things must be taken care in your life. If you don’t take care of it. It will take control over you.

Fear is most important factor to be taken control. Most people lose their identity, peace and happiness because of fear. Everybody insist you to do things which brings fear in you. That is cent percent true. Of course, No one follows it. It is very diffcult when you don’t try it. When you try it, it seems diffcult. When try it again and again. You lose your fear and enjoy what you are doing.

Best example to over come fear i.e, going to a theme park and trying out the things that makes your heart beat to raise to peak. If you haven’t travelled in roller coasters. It always terfies you. Whenever you look it. Just try for first time. You will love the fear. When you try it for second time. You have little fear. Then third, fourth time; you obviously lose your fear and started to love travelling in the giant monster.

Apply it in your life. Over come your basic fear like public speaking, stop thinking twice before doing what you like; is also a part of fear etc.,

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