🎓How to over come frustration?🔮

Whenever Frustration arises, we feel so bad, hate the life and we feel like hell.What is the cause of frustration? Why frustration cames? When does it comes?Frustrating raises when you hate something, around you. Frustration cames when you lose yourself, lose control over something, you have been strong for a hell lot of time.🔥When you look at your past life. You will remember most of the pain. Actually, the brains function is to store the painfull moment to save you. How it saves you, it prevents you from having the same problem. By insisting your thoughts. 👒But we people, make it a reason for sadness, pain and frustration. When ever, you get frustrated; think of this. Over come it…🎀Frustration raises from inside and definitely not from outside. Don’t forget this thing. Be happy and don’t miss a apple; grab an apple. Eat it💝For guest blogging contact:harikrishnem@gmail.com 😋Follow me @instagram:krish_hari 😻