Is it possible to be HAPPY always?

Positivity should be part of you. In order to survive in this world. And ofcourse, Happiness is a basic requirement and wish for each and every one.

The question is, is it possible for us to attain it and constantly maintain and keep it with us. The answer is simple, it is not possible to get it. There are varies reason for it, if you lose something. It takes peace from you. It may be personal or material things. The thing is that, how fast you recover from it. When it comes to small problem and pain. We can recover after 30 minutes. First 20 minutes is the real feeling and pain.

After that WHY do we feel. It is because of constantly stimulate our mind to think about it. When we think about it, it will definitely insists us to think about the past memories which is not pleasant. See the problem as a experience and not as a pain or obstacle.

Make it as a stepping stone for sucess in your life.

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