How to start accepting and start LIVING…

Humans are also one of the greatest creation of the GOD. We are the only living creature, who doesn’t satisfy with what we have. It is the main reason for human kind to suffer a lot.

In order to start living your life. First, we must know about ourself. Then, love what you have and do what you love. The next thing is simple, start writing what you want in life. Writing the goal is useless. Unless it is executed in real world. Even this world, disagrees with you and your dream. You have to work on your dream. It cannot be achevied, when your consistency is for 3 weeks or 5 months. It takes time. You have to work for the dream. You have to spend atleast 4 hours a day. In order to achieve in your life.

When you started seeing your life less complicated and see it, as a more oppourunity. You can start living. If your mind is in the present, you can focus and work for the future.

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