Important lesson about YOU…

A step must be taken to know about yourself for better 
understanding and finding peace. If you know about yourself, you can develop your 
skills, and know about your weakness, strengths etc.,

In order to know about yourself, closely watch your moves. 
Summarize what you did from morning till night. Write it down. 
Find the useful things and bad things about yourself. You must 
distinguish between the good and bad things.

Stop wasting your time. Learn new courses for your improvement. Know the value of 
our time, use it effectively. 
If you know about yourself, you will not be depressed easily 
because you know what makes you depressed and what makes you happy. You avoid the situation and moments which causes you 

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One thought on “Important lesson about YOU…

  1. I think you’re right that depression is often about how we interact with the external world. If we can find whatever it is inside us that makes us happy, we should embrace that and not worry about what the world thinks.


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