Are you really ready for MARRIAGE..

Life is the biggest stage. We are playing our own role in the stage. In our life, everyone is trying to find their presence in the stage. The value of your life increase and your birth attains a meaning. You can feel this, only if someone started to love you. If you find person. The life begins changing in different ways.

The person you found is a right one. Then, your life starts to grow faster. The happiness you get is different from all the others. It gives a new change and new path. It gives more responsibilities and make you feel proud of each other. The time, you spend with them becames precious and heaven.

These are the things, happens only in the first stage. Then , the next stage is with stress, pain and fight. This will happen in all lives of human kind. This is the important stage, most of the breakup takes place here. Each other try to show care for you. It fails. If you say to find a job. Then, the fight begins. Tge important cause of the fight is misunderstanding. We started to thing more about life and failed to think about each other.

This helps us to find. Whether the love is true or not. If you can withstand this stage. Then you will find the sunshine in your life.

After this stage, you will marry them within few years. Before the marriage, the changes takes place between each other and knows each other in many ways. Espically, you know about the faults in them. The sacrifice between each other increases. Life BEGINS….

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