Biggest wealth..

Few decades’ backs, if you have lot of lands. You are wealthier.
After that, if have lot of gold, you are wealthier. Few decades before,
if you have lot of money. You are wealthier.

Now in the present
world, information is wealth. If you have lot of information about
someone. You are wealthier.
You have heard about Facebook is selling your data to the
multinational company. Everyone knows that FB is one of the
richest company in the world. So use your phone and technology in
good way. Otherwise, it leads to varies problems.

If your phone is taken from you. Then, they can clone similar
person like you. It provides all the information about you. How you
hold the phone. What you search often. What you are looking for.
Your saved password; all those are stored in the server. If that is
hacked, then your information can be easily used in a wrong way. It
will even take your life. we are happy now, no one finds that
technology. Soon things can change.

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