2 letters , if you use it. You will be the happiest person…

The most crucial living creatures are the humans. They have a lot of knowledge and emotions. If both are at the same place. It will destroy mind and happiness.

The two letter word is “NO” . IT IS SIMPLE RIGHT? The people failed to use this. When they failed in it, there happiness becomes a doubtful.

The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do. It is easy to know this, diffcult to bring it into practical life. For seconds of misunderstanding, we are not using these words.

Most people think, if we say no. It will hurt them, the thing is we failed to think about ourself. If you said yes, it can takes hours to complete that work. Your happiness is gone for these hours. If you say no, your happiness lost for seconds not for hours. Happy living.

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One thought on “2 letters , if you use it. You will be the happiest person…

  1. So true. Saying no to many things can save our lot of time but we hesitate and think what the other person will think. if the person really understands you he won’t mind it.


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