Recovery mode !!!

In life, we have started to grow. From that day, we have crossed a lot with different experinece.

The truth is everyone is addicted to something in one or other way. If you say NO or YES. You have read this…

You start your day with coffee for getting a good energy. After a while, it becames a addict. Yiu cannot even get up from the bed without it. Not only this, your phone have also catched a place along with this coffee. You are getting attached with it.

With or without knowing. You are getting committed to it and it becames a part of you. Taking your life from you, part of your living, and time. Be smart enough in this innovation world. Addict is everywhere. It is in cool drinks, gadgets and much more. Analyse your day. Find what you arr addicted to it. Get rid if these cheap things. Stop procrastinating, Start living.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery mode !!!

  1. Totally agree with you! Sometimes we get addicted to things that end up wasting our time and reducing our good energy. It’s always a good choice to pay attention to our addictions and remove the ones that disturbs our growth, success and happiness!

    Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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