Happiest person in the world…

The happiest people are the one, who take choices of their own and accept their mistakes. Happiness can be obtained by each and every individual by simple methods. They are explained with cause and effect rule:

  • It lies in this question. Whenever you do something, ask yourself. Is this the right way to do it?
  • Clarity of your vision and knowing your purpose in life. Learning the art of calm and using them in emotional suitation.
  • Help others, never expect them in return. You help them for your happiness and not as gentleman agreement to get it back.
  • Understanding the people: humans react to the suitation and not to other humans. It is explained clearly in this post: people’s LIFE
  • Resist the emotion(anger, frustration) and control it in third person. Show your emotions(love, care) to your closed one.
  • Enjoy your life with what YOU have and work for what you don’t have. If you love and praise the things, you have. You will start living and start working for what you don’t have.
  • Ups and downs come into my life. But, my attitude is same for those. I will be calm, handle it and responsible for every action in my life.

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