Overcome your negativity…

The days in life counts, it never failed to count a day. You get a lot of experience in single day. Make use of it, donโ€™t fail to use the opportunities.

You have to review a product and ask for option to experts before getting a product. Similarly, you have to review yourself each and everyday. Whenever you get up or go to bed. You have to analyse yourself for better understanding of yourself.

If you know about yOURSELF. You will not let the small things to hurt you or big surprises brings extreme happiness.

When you find faults in you. You are taking opportunities from the others to criticize. If you point it yourself before the others. You became more confident and you try to find solutions.

If someone says your faults, you try to ignore them or try to prove yourself to you. This one happens most of the time.

So, when you analyse your day. What you have done, you will happier than others. What I mean i.e, you will cut strings in your life. You will have more happiness in life.

The questions which makes you better :

  • What bad habit did I curb today?
  • If I hurt myself ? ( by thinking about the past or future)
  • What is the difference between the person who I am yesterday and today.
  • How can I improve?
  • Where inner peace hides?
  • I have reduced atleast 30 minutes of using gadegets and spend time with living creatures?

This will help you for bring happiness and all prospects in yoir life.

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