Must read : What you think about ..?

You think about job, and family. You think about boredom so you are watching movies, serials so on..
When you think about you
Only you
You dicover more…

You can find what you want in life. You can be more yourself. You will find the purpose of your living. Spend sometime for you. Just go outside and look at the world. Travel alone. Find a place to see the sunraise. See the glowing sun sets in the evening.

These will help you to discover. What you want in life and find love towards the nature and hapiness in those small things.

Small happiness gives a lot of memories and satisfaction than large ones.

We are working hard everyday for getting something in our life. You have worked hard for getting a mobile. After you brought it. A child asks your mobile for games.

You gave to her. She plays. You love her expression and small laughs. You don’t want to find happiness. You must discover where it is present.

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