Control the things, not the happiness…

What we consider to be harmless indulgences can easily become full-blown addictions. We start
with coffee in the morning, and soon enough we can’t start the day without it. We check our email
because it’s part of our job, and soon enough we feel the phantom buzz of the phone in our pocket everyfew seconds.

Soon enough, these harmless habits are running our lives.
The little compulsions and drives we have not only chip away at our freedom and sovereignty, they
cloud our clarity. We think we’re in control—but are we really? As one addict put it, addiction is when we’ve “lost the freedom to abstain.” Let us reclaim that freedom.

What that addiction is for you can vary: Soda? Drugs? Complaining? Gossip? The Internet? Biting
your nails? But you must reclaim the ability to abstain because within it is your clarity and self-control.

Attention please: Here, I am available for all the people. Who seeks peace and live with happy hearts(not just with happy faces).

You can talk to us anonymously without any identification and share your feeling and pain. Be beleive, saying your pain and sharing it will give you more peace and satisfaction than anything else. You can leave pain right here. Start your life happily. Because you deserve to be more happier than you think. You can connect with us below… Write your feeling, message your pain and finally call and share everything you want….

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I wrote a book for happiness, peace finder-How to be happy in LIFE(SELF-HELP)

3 thoughts on “Control the things, not the happiness…

  1. This is so true and it is so kind of you for offering a helpful hand for those who wish to talk to someone who’s willing to genuinely listen to them. Thanks for being such a caring soul. Blessings 🌼

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