Failure is a stepping stone…

Based on true story, actually my story. Eariler this 2019, the College was about to end. It was one of the best college in my country.

Many people calculated there success over the amount of salary package they got and getting a job in core companies.

It was completely different for me. I cannot find happiness in getting a job. As, everyone is making one and it seems so diffcult for me to know what I like.

I got 3 placements. I want to pick one and shift from my home town. But, rather than it. I started to search for job in my home town. Fortunately, I got a job. It was not the job, what I have learned in my university. It is a simple job which named as market researcher and content writer.

5 months went by, this month (NOV). I decided to quit my job. I cannot find happiness and satisfied. I found that, I cannot work for someone. So, I started to work for it from the next day of my college. I wrote a ebook and published in amazon kindle. It was a utter most failure. The count of reader doesn’t even come to two digit number. The person who ever readed have a good option. But, I don’t know where I failed. I failed in marketing side. I know that.( the book is attached below). I worte this book not for money, for bring happiness in people. You can get it from me free by commenting your e-mail.

Then, I tried several business thing. Everything failed like shuttered glasses and the blog I started didnt reach well and book failed. If somone failed like this, they started to go for a better job.

But, rather than that, I had other choices. I decided to quit my job. Start a business with full autonomy. Concentrate more on my blog and business.

This time, all my failures will be my stepping stones. Please support me and help me to learn about social marketing. Thanks for reading.

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