Why Warren Buffett lives in small house? secret behind the wall.

Warren Buffett, whose net worth is more than 60 billion, lives in the same house he bought in
1958 for $31,500. John Urschel, a lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, makes millions but manages
to live on $25,000 a year.

San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard gets around in the 1997 Chevy Tahoe he’s had since he was a teenager, even with a contract worth some $94 million. Why? It’s not because these men are cheap. It’s because the things that matter to them are cheap.

Neither Buffett nor Urschel nor Leonard ended up this way by accident. Their lifestyle is the result of prioritizing. They cultivate interests that are decidedly below their financial means, and as a result, any
income would allow them freedom to pursue the things they most care about. It just happens that they became wealthy beyond any expectation. This kind of clarity—about what they love most in the world—means they can enjoy their lives. It means they’d still be happy even if the markets were to turn or their
careers were cut short by injury.
The more things we desire and the more we have to do to earn or attain those achievements, the less
we actually enjoy our lives—and the less free we are.

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