Train like a king…

First, we must consider what we should desire and what we should be averse to. Why? So that
we want what is good and avoid what is bad. It’s not enough to just listen to your body—because our
attractions often lead us astray.
Next, we must examine our impulses to act—that is, our motivations. Are we doing things for the right reasons? Or do we act because we haven’t stopped to think? Or do we believe that we have to do

Finally, there is our judgment. Our ability to see things clearly and properly comes when we use our
great gift from nature: reason.
These are three distinct areas of training, but in practice they are inextricably intertwined. Our
judgment affects what we desire, our desires affect how we act, just as our judgment determines how we act.

But we can’t just expect this to happen. We must put real thought and energy into each area of our
lives. If we do, we’ll find real clarity and success.

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