Letter to mom and dad from a CHILD.

It bring tears in me. When I found this thing which affected the most children’s growth. All these said to me to find solution for it. Share this thing a lot. Bring hope to all children.

What parents think about:
I can’t do this.
Iam not capable of speaking to anyone.
Compare me.
Never seen a anything worth.
What they say:
Doing business is not for you.
What everyone thinks is mattered more than my happiness.
Iam not fit to live here.
I don’t handle any problem.
Iam not capable of doing better things.
They need a better child
Than me. Atleast not me.
What happened after living this life:
It is hard to live your life yourself.
I love loneliness.
I love home when no one is there.
I play music hard and dance like. homeless. When no one there
Hopeless mind.
Shouting inside me. Shouting when no one there.
Useless heart.
No one is understanding.
Relationship are hard to find.
Not liking to talk to anyone.
What I lost:
Love from them.
Hope from them.
Care from them.
What will the same person do, if i ain’t here;
Run away.
What words i need:
You can do anything
I will do anything for you. Your happinesss is important than anything
Don’t worry i am here
Shoulder to lay on
Lap too sleep on
Words to heal my soul..

Share this with every parents to make their child happy..

All these things came to my desk by the paragraph which is below..

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