Facts you are happy!!!

Everyone writes the titles in the opposite way!! So, the changes begin from the title and reach you$

This title is inspired from me. So, every part of it so true and if you follow it; life will literally change. The facts and your life changes from here happily..

1) If you don’t have a responsibility or rules or goals. You will waste your life completely and end up in depression completely.

My responsibility in my life is to take care of MYSELF. Try to find a good career in my life and look after my parents. Get lots of toys and give it to my niece and see her hapiness. After achieving these, I will start with new ones. Just think if you don’t have any responsibility in your life.

You will end everyday with phone. You will have lot of time in your life. You will waste it literally. Happiness will be lost.

2) These Rules are not framed by government or anyone. You have to frame the rules for yourself. You have to make rules for yourself. I have made few rules like wake up early in the morning, go for jog and read a book everyday.

3) According to me, A man without a goal is half dead. He will stand in the center of the desert and will not find a way out of it. Find a goal to relay on it and bring into reality

Follow this path and never let it down. Your brain ia the laziest creature in the world. It will try to stay doing nothing. It doesn’t know that will take your happiness. By the way, you know thay now

Lets bring our happiness into reality and happy life start now. All the best!!!

Happiness is spread free. Come and get in touch with me and find one for you though my insta krish_hari and by anonymously through my email Mail ID. You will get out depression and start a new life.

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