5 Problem in life is to solve or cherish..?

In life, you have never met a person without a problem. All the animals in the world and even the plants have problem.

So, A man asked the god; Is this birth of us in this beautiful world is sinful. The almight God replied, the life is just a illusion. A man without a problem will never have purpose in this world.

I will take them back from the Earth, once there purpose of their life is gets over. We need to keep on solving the problems in our life to find happiness and purpose in our life.

The man again asked, what is the purpose of my life. God asked what you do? Man said iam farmer. You sow the plants, small ants will eat those freshes in your land.

That is your purpose for today. Tomorrow you give to people. You will have food on their table and as well as in your table. Every little thing you do will have impact on your life and surroundings. So make those impacts a meaningful thing.

How to find a meaningful life? In life, we have to leave so much to find it. In order to leave so much. Just meditate. You will get rid of overthinking, past, bad thinking. This will purify your soul, you will think differently. Respect everything, make this world a better place to live for each others.

Comment below What i want to discuss more. Thanks for reading.

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