Are you in relationship…

  1. Don’t marry a person who is too similar or too different from you.
  2. Daily conversation is important to fix the misunderstanding or other issue.
  3. Be the first to start conversation if your counterpart is disappointed by you. Don’t be egoistic and wait for her/him to start the conversation first.
  4. Don’t marry the person because of money or popularity. These things don’t ensure his/her love and respect for you.
  5. Physique or beauty should not be the only parameter to choose your partner. You should know the complete personality of him/her.
  6. Don’t worship your partner. Researches show that those who worship their partner are most likely to get “cheated” in relationship because you lose your value in their eyes.
  7. Seek trust, loyalty, respect and true love in your relationship. Other things between both of you will automatically develop with time.
  8. Choose the partner who is supportive to you not only during your good days but also during worse days of your life.
  9. Choose the partner who accepts you the way you are, without forcing you to change yourself to get his/her love. This shows that it’s not true love if they force you to change yourself.
  10. Be ready to walk away in relationship if you think that your partner does not deserves you.

Relationship kills or brings happiness is upto you.

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