3 ways to love the same person forever…

As we are humans, Supreme of all the living things in Earth. We try to posses the material connection rather than the true love. Attach and love is the reason for the world to stumble in love and break ups.

In our life, we work hard to achieve material things as a goal of the life. Ex. getting a costliest shoe is your goal. After getting it, you take care of it well and use it for a while and then you forget.

This same thing happens in life too. You love people, getting attached to their characters, looks and care.

Finally fight arises when they change their behavior for betterment of them. You seek the person, search for them in their actions. You point their mistakes, changes which you can’t resist. All the material love will lead your life into a painful ending. This is why the relationship are not lasting for long.

Then how to love, love can be eternal and permanent when you see them a part of you. There presence matters to you. Behaviour, goals and habits changes instantly.

You have to connect to the soul of them. Thinking about them must give happiness rather than thinking about the time you spend.

When you attach to the time you spend. You don’t love that person, rather you love the memories with them. This world gives ups and down in life, that make the people to change their attitude.

When lord krishna didn’t marry Radhe. Krishna showed the world, soul connection is eternal. That lasts for all. Even when they don’t see each other, there is no material connection like phone, face to face communication.

But both Krishna and Radhe are connected in soul. Krishna and Radhe when they don’t even speak, they are happy connecting each other in soul to soul. Connection of soul is eternal, it is difficult to get soulmate than life partner.

When you love them for their past activities, you attachment increases. Be in present. Krishna says, spread love and be compassionate in a detached way. There lives a true love, true happiness.

When you start to love someone, without talking or seeing. You are free from this world.

Changes in behaviour of the loved one should not affect you. If it affects, try to detach from them, love them from soul. Don’t see the happy memories in past. See the present, be in present. Soul connects in present and admire their presence.

Soul connection is always creating a vibration in them. what you are Thinking will affect them. Think and act, be in soul touch and be in present.

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