Why we forget the past life and birth?Who knows past life of ours.

Every part of the universe is made of energy. There are only types of energy. It is positive and negative energy. There are also neutral which depends on one of the universal energy forms positive and negative. You can illustrate every part of life, character, food and all possessions in terms of energy.😻

🌻All these energy are from one Supreme personality godhead. So when knowing the source of the energy and focusing on the lord will help you to attain the energy you need. It may be the energy of positivity and or form of attractions.

Answer to my heading: From the material world like eating food is transfer of energy to body. Which gives energy to live.🍁

πŸ‚In nature, sun light evaporates the ocean to air. This is the water cycle. In all these, no one can say that the air or breeze or gas i saw is from this ocean or water body from a particular place. It also applies for the food we eat.

Similarly when one living entity dies. The past memories of the life are forgotten. When it transfers to another body or rebirth takes. The knowledge, memory and experience dies with body. Sometimes there is no sign to be even know by the naked eyes. But a scientist who boils the water knows the truth that this water is converted into vapour. That scientist is the eternal supreme soul godhead.✨

πŸ’’So we are also energy forces, we leave a body and born in another body. So the memories of the past life is not known. But Supreme personality godfather knows what you did in the past, how you born and how you lived. As the lord himself, made us to forget the past life to give a chance to reach heaven, escape from the material world. Here the karma is created for what you have did in past life time.

πŸ’When you are done with all the karma, you will reach heaven for sure. In order to stop taking birth, we have to focus on the lord consciousness. When you started the spark in this birth by focusing on spiritual life. According to karma when you born again, your spiritual worship will follow your birth. This is blessing of lord, so in that birth. You will be more spiritual than this birth and reach godhead, heavenly place. And never return to the Earth.

And our past births are known by the Supreme godhead because he is cause of the birth, dead and maya of the world.πŸŽ‡

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