Is Gratitude really good?

In my whole life, I have dedicated to learn about the true happiness. Gratitude gave me happiness for temporary only. It is also the main cause of the pain. Most of the gratitude is felt by the good people. So it makes the good people to loss their happiness and make them to follow evil path.

There is a saying, always do good things. Few do good for the fame and pride. It is doesn’t add good karma to you. Other people do good for the feel of gratitude. Gratitude has the biggest sin, it makes you expect their thanks and love in return. If they don’t get love back, they started to create negative image of person. In return, it changes your attitude of goodness. This is the massive loss of the person.

So you need to stop doing good? You will find in the next blog. Stay connected, all my life I have searched for the true happiness. Today true happiness is with me. Sharing with people all over the world, who need love, happiness and need help in depression. I am helping hundred, thank for the reading.

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