Benefits of practicing good gratitude

Continuation of the previous blog. Gratitude is good?

Gratitude is definitely a good one to practice. But when we are doing good, we must never attach to the material happiness. Like when you help someone and feel the gratitude of helping them. In return when they don’t help in near future. Don’t blame neither them or you.

You must be gratitude of being yourself, rather than expecting something in return. Never ever expect something. Thankfulness is created by yourself for yourself, not for the others.

Gratitude helps us to disconnect from the negative thinking. But when someone don’t feel the same. That will make you to lose your gratitude.

Nature is a greatest source of credit, to feel the gratefulness. It gives abundant of resource from oxygen to all things we need. Appreciate the presence of the nature and its sources.

Always start a good work by planting a tree or doing something for nature. It will protect your resources unlimited.

What gratitude will make you get in your life. Stay tuned for getting more about gratitude. It is important part of happiness. It is part of satisfaction in life.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of practicing good gratitude

  1. Gratitude is lovely. I had an experience of a friend feeling down yesterday and they wanted to pull themselves up via gratitude but their attempt was so hard that they felt guilty for feeling low and almost invalidated their feelings entirely. Just wanted to share, being grateful doesn’t invalidate you of your own worries.

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