Happiness is part or tag for life

In between life and dead, the path we travel is short. In those, the people comes and goes like sun raise and sunset.

When one is sad, he will be sad in happy moment. Whatever the sad feeling, we stick with that. We don’t even think, is that sadness worth feeling for so long. It is really important to over think and miss the happy moment which is going on.

But when one happy news comes and knock the door. why you are not happy in sad moment. If you think, this is a valid question. You are in the right track.

Whenever you are sad, think positive is not possible. But someone can help, by pleasing words. Now a days, we never share the feelings with others and no true people are there for us. Here comes the true solutions.

How to be revert back to happiness in sad moments or small disappointment. Take a moment and think practical. When you think practical by asking questions, is this worth worrying? Am I giving so much for stupid thoughts. Is I feel insecure because of my thinking.

Hope this helps you get happiness and stay with it for long.

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