What does life gives US..

“Let all your efforts be directed to something, let it keep that end in view. It’s not activity that
disturbs people, but false conceptions of things that drive them mad.”

In our life, if someone asks. What you can control. They say that, they can control their parents, childrens, their body, and themselves.

All these are illusion and completely wrong. You cannot even control your body. If you get cold, you can control it. No, you can’t.

What you can really control. It is your mind. It is only thing, that is completely in your control. You cannot control what is happening outside. But you can control your inner thoughts. That is enough for you to be happy and peaceful.

If you know this, you will know the fact that the surrounding and people are not responsible for your happiness. It is you, it your mind, choices you make and finally thoughts that is going inside your head. Happy thinking…

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Recovery mode !!!

In life, we have started to grow. From that day, we have crossed a lot with different experinece.

The truth is everyone is addicted to something in one or other way. If you say NO or YES. You have read this…

You start your day with coffee for getting a good energy. After a while, it becames a addict. Yiu cannot even get up from the bed without it. Not only this, your phone have also catched a place along with this coffee. You are getting attached with it.

With or without knowing. You are getting committed to it and it becames a part of you. Taking your life from you, part of your living, and time. Be smart enough in this innovation world. Addict is everywhere. It is in cool drinks, gadgets and much more. Analyse your day. Find what you arr addicted to it. Get rid if these cheap things. Stop procrastinating, Start living.

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I wrote a book for happiness, peace finder-How to be happy in LIFE(SELF-HELP)

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The key to be more successful…

Everyone says about success and how they are attained in life. No one says about how to really make and frame our path towards success.

It consists of three parts. It mainly lies in how you became a more human to achieve it. You have to feel the things less and provide more concentration on yourself. This will help you to find your passion.

Action is everything. If you work harder towards it. It will seems like a harder one. If you do maintain a consistency. Success is all yours.

Last one, accept what you can do and what you can’t do in life. Those 3 parts in simple form:

Control your perceptions.
Direct your actions properly.
Willingly accept what’s outside your control

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I wrote a book for happiness, peace finder-How to be happy in LIFE(SELF-HELP)

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2 letters , if you use it. You will be the happiest person…

The most crucial living creatures are the humans. They have a lot of knowledge and emotions. If both are at the same place. It will destroy mind and happiness.

The two letter word is “NO” . IT IS SIMPLE RIGHT? The people failed to use this. When they failed in it, there happiness becomes a doubtful.

The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do. It is easy to know this, diffcult to bring it into practical life. For seconds of misunderstanding, we are not using these words.

Most people think, if we say no. It will hurt them, the thing is we failed to think about ourself. If you said yes, it can takes hours to complete that work. Your happiness is gone for these hours. If you say no, your happiness lost for seconds not for hours. Happy living.

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I wrote a book for happiness, peace finder-How to be happy in LIFE(SELF-HELP)

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True wisdom for HAPPINESS…

True wisdom will give you Any thing in this world. It can give you a great attitude, finding your life, dream and passion.

What wisdom is necessary for happy living: In life, you should have the wisdom to find the difference between the things you can change and you cannot change along with knowledge to find the difference between them.

If you know this, you will be happy forever. If you know that, no amount of guilty will not change your past and if you also know that, you can change the present which is the past of the future into something; that brings happiness and regret free life.

Best example: if flight is delayed by the bad weather. Don’t blame the weather. You cannot these things. But you can hope for the flight to arrive soon.

If you hate the job, dont blame. Just quit. You can change this one and find peace.

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I wrote a book for happiness, peace finder-How to be happy in LIFE(SELF-HELP)

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Attitude is everything…

The person with the negative attitude thinks “I CAN’T.”
The person with the positive attitude thinks “I CAN.”

The person with the negative attitude dwells on prob￾lems.
The person with the positive attitude concentrates on
The person with the negative attitude finds fault with
The person with the positive attitude looks for the good
in others.
The person with the negative attitude focuses on what’s
The person with the positive attitude counts his or her
The person with the negative attitude sees limitations.
The person with the positive attitude sees possibilities.
I could go on and on with examples, but I’m sure you
get the idea. When I talk to audiences about attitude, I
often like to use word pictures. They help people to under￾stand and remember what I said. Let me paint this picture
for you: Your attitude is your window to the world.

Are you postive or negative person? Check it here

Everyone in this world has corssed a lot of problems in life. At the end, how you survived is all matters. If you are postive person, the solution will be reached soon and happiness will be recovered in a faster rate.

If negative, you all know about it. If you are worried after a 30 minutes. Then, you are investing your mind to be sad. The first 30 minutes is the time, you have been really worried about it. After that, every second you spend your time worried is because of over thinking.

Second most important part is, we lose our happiness faster and frequently worried about something. We don’t even know what is happening to us and reason behind our sadness. This happens because, we failed to take care of our thoughts in our mind. Every one in this world will talk to himself.

The inner voice can be controlled by everyone. Think of a pink coloured cow and think of flying house. It’s possible right? The thoughts in your head should to controlled, when you are in normal mood.

Then only, you can control your mind in diffcult suitations. Be stubborn and selfish about it. Never let your mind to be cross a thought without your permission.

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Stressing something..put a full stop

Stress is something you do, which you don’t like to do it. Stress has become a part of many people’s life. They do what they they hate the most.

The number of reason raises everyday for being in stress. Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. How to overcome stress:

Excerise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress.

One study showed that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of wellbeing and lower stress 

One way to handle stress is to write things down.

While recording what you’re stressed about is one approach, another is jotting down what you’re grateful for.

Social support from friends and family can help you get through stressful times.

Being part of a friend network gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth, which can help you 

These are basic ideas to over come stress.

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Biggest wealth..

Few decades’ backs, if you have lot of lands. You are wealthier.
After that, if have lot of gold, you are wealthier. Few decades before,
if you have lot of money. You are wealthier.

Now in the present
world, information is wealth. If you have lot of information about
someone. You are wealthier.
You have heard about Facebook is selling your data to the
multinational company. Everyone knows that FB is one of the
richest company in the world. So use your phone and technology in
good way. Otherwise, it leads to varies problems.

If your phone is taken from you. Then, they can clone similar
person like you. It provides all the information about you. How you
hold the phone. What you search often. What you are looking for.
Your saved password; all those are stored in the server. If that is
hacked, then your information can be easily used in a wrong way. It
will even take your life. we are happy now, no one finds that
technology. Soon things can change.

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Are you really ready for MARRIAGE..

Life is the biggest stage. We are playing our own role in the stage. In our life, everyone is trying to find their presence in the stage. The value of your life increase and your birth attains a meaning. You can feel this, only if someone started to love you. If you find person. The life begins changing in different ways.

The person you found is a right one. Then, your life starts to grow faster. The happiness you get is different from all the others. It gives a new change and new path. It gives more responsibilities and make you feel proud of each other. The time, you spend with them becames precious and heaven.

These are the things, happens only in the first stage. Then , the next stage is with stress, pain and fight. This will happen in all lives of human kind. This is the important stage, most of the breakup takes place here. Each other try to show care for you. It fails. If you say to find a job. Then, the fight begins. Tge important cause of the fight is misunderstanding. We started to thing more about life and failed to think about each other.

This helps us to find. Whether the love is true or not. If you can withstand this stage. Then you will find the sunshine in your life.

After this stage, you will marry them within few years. Before the marriage, the changes takes place between each other and knows each other in many ways. Espically, you know about the faults in them. The sacrifice between each other increases. Life BEGINS….

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Important lesson about YOU…

A step must be taken to know about yourself for better 
understanding and finding peace. If you know about yourself, you can develop your 
skills, and know about your weakness, strengths etc.,

In order to know about yourself, closely watch your moves. 
Summarize what you did from morning till night. Write it down. 
Find the useful things and bad things about yourself. You must 
distinguish between the good and bad things.

Stop wasting your time. Learn new courses for your improvement. Know the value of 
our time, use it effectively. 
If you know about yourself, you will not be depressed easily 
because you know what makes you depressed and what makes you happy. You avoid the situation and moments which causes you 

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How to start from zero and led your life towards sucessful path..

Never blame yourself, if you are not capable of doing something right now. It doesn’t mean, you are not capable of doing it till u die. Get advice from the experts or mentors.

Then start working towards it. You must have faith in you, you will reach it in one or other way. You should know about yourself completely. What you can, what you can’t everything. So you can find your super power and focus on it.

If you have a good drawing skills, work on it. Until you get a successful result. Read the stories of those successful people in that field. How they have got it….

Depend on yourself, never depend on your friends, family or
anyone. You can get the results, when you start watching yourself and start focusing on your goals. Success can be achieved only by consistency of hardwork, 3 hours of work towards your goal.

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