Fear of losing someone

What we fear basically is that what we hate and what we don’t know. Do you think this is true.

We get fear for something, some times for nothing. You get feared someone you love will leave. If she or he leaves you can’t control it but fear like you are the one losing them.

The truth is they don’t deserve you. They are not in your life. They won’t make any changes.

So when you try hard to hold them hard. They tend to move farther. So better leave them, when you are in good state. If you postpone your leaving, they find a good way to move away. But you will be in pain forever. Think twice before watering a dead plant.

You can understand the words deepness when you feel the pain of it.

In your life, there is no one to stay in your life. You have to make yourself alone and do your passion. Find spiritual path, find yourself and make progress.

When these are done, 100% success is possible. There are so many solution which are temporary in life. Go out and enjoy with friends blah blah. Everything give a time to postponed your sorrow. Make your life a meaningful follow the spiritual path of success.

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